Projects for Makumbi Orphans

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2018 Project: Micro grants for youth aging out of the orphanage
Goal: Provide micro grants to further one's education or start a small business
Meet the young people who are graduating from Makumbi PROFILES

2017 Project: Tutors for Makumbi orphans

Tutors for Makumbi Orphans

Zim Run for Makumbi Orphans
Hungwe, the African fish eagle says, "Give a kid a fish and you
feed him for one day. Teach a kid to fish and you
feed him for a lifetime!"

The goal for the 2017 fundraising project, Tutors for Makumbi Orphans, is to test for gaps in the kids' learning and help them achieve grade level via tutors and a coordinated program of teachers, community volunteers and the caregivers (aka "Moms") of the orphanage.

Donors can truly help prepare a child for life by supporting their education.


Past Projects

2016 Project: Plumbing renovation

Makumbi Orphanage Zim Run Plumbing project Makumbi Orphanage Latrines at Makumbi Orphanage Pipe rust at Makumbi Orphanage - Plumbing project Plumbing Project Makumbi Orphanage Plumbing repair Zimbabe Run for Makumbi Orphans
Download 17th Annual Run for Zimbabwe Orphans 2016 Plumbing Project pdf

The pre-project reality at Makumbi Children's Orphanage was:

  • Old pipes that plug
  • Leaky pipes "fixed" with rubber bands
  • Pipes that spew rust and sludge
  • Cholera Alert signs posted by UNICEF
  • Children tote water when water is unsafe to drink, cook or bathe

The capital project at Makumbi in 2016 was plumbing renovation at the eight cottages that house the 100 orphans thereby combating water borne diseases.

2015 Project: Termite damage repair

As a result of the 2015 run we raised $32,000 for termite damagerepair.  (The buildings were literally falling down!) This project was a huge success and all the termite colonies were completely eradicated.

2014 Project: Halfway cottage construction and college tuition for older girls

Those benefiting from this fundraising project were girls aging out of the orphanage. We were pleased to raise enough funds to build a halfway cottage and send three young women to college for one year.

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